Since 1985, Mastercare Cleaning Services has combined a nationwide focus with rare attention to detail in bringing the highest standards to retail and commercial cleaning in Australia. 

In 2007, we were proud to join forces with the Ecowize Group, the international market leader in high compliance hygiene cleaning. Their reach extends across the food industry in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States. Partnering with the Ecowize Group helped us create a new space in retail and commercial cleaning that combines the highest standards of hygiene compliance with our trademark attention to detail and service.

We believe in building strong, lasting relationships with our customers. Our growing customer base of Australian blue-chip companies is testament to the personalised approach we bring to retail and commercial cleaning. Regardless of the scope of your needs, we are dedicated to providing you with the right solution.

Offering our services to over one thousand locations nationwide, the proof of our passion is in the dedicated service we deliver to each customer. Partnering with Mastercare Cleaning Services will enable you to focus on your core business competencies with confidence that your cleaning requirements are consistently met. 

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